Sunday, July 28, 2019

Moral Responsibility of a Leader Research Paper

Moral Responsibility of a Leader - Research Paper Example Intercultural impacts and massive communication facilities are leading us towards next major evolutionary step in human history, the world citizenship. Every individual involved in this process is required to lead an interconnected group in a subtle way. Hence every citizen of the planet is required to hone their leadership abilities like never before. Their leadership quality should be governed by ethics more than personal or group oriented preferences (Schmidt, 2007). But, the way the world works show we are treading in the exact opposite direction. No one ever takes responsibility of any mishap. Rush Kidder pinpoints the lack of this major moral responsibility as â€Å"Ethics Recession†. We will discuss the reasons for the situation, its adverse affects and the means to change into better leaders in this paper. Introduction Every moral leader is responsible not only for their actions but also the dealings they could have prevented doing for the welfare of everyone. Huge corporate companies and conglomerations which will lead this technological era should have iron willed leaders capable of choosing the best for both their company as well as the world in general. This is where ethics come is picture. Every good leader considers all the given options and its alternatives before taking any major decision. They analyze the consequences and the emotional impacts that might affect his crew and others in general. They take firm decisions which are profitable to the company and his employees. They also take the moral responsibility for any discomfort caused by this action (Taylor, 2000). They compensate groups or people affected in the required way and convince them to co-operate in the big picture of development, putting aside their personal grievances. This is exactly how moral leaders behaved for centuries. But the question here is ‘Why is there a sudden decline in such effective leadership?’ Every problem the world faces today, from economical recession to, terrorism and infiltration are a result of this lack of moral leadership (Anello, 2006). The US housing bubble, a major reason for the recession is the best example for what lack of work ethics will do. What happene d to our modern and moral citizens? Will world citizens be well dressed cannibals eating others opportunities whenever possible? If so is it development or a path to destruction? To find suitable answers to these questions we should first define â€Å"Morals† and â€Å"Ethics† The Enormous Responsibility of Leadership The word â€Å"Value† refers to something of importance. A commodity or a products value is determined based on its importance. Similarly the â€Å"Value† of a person is also determined based on his position or status. The decision taken by the ruler or the leader has more â€Å"Value† than the decision taken by a normal man. But every leader including the King was expected to follow some moral conducts known as â€Å"ethics† to maintain this â€Å"value† or their position in the ancient world. When the mob refused to follow its ethics, dictators arouse. When Kings failed to add â€Å"Value† to their decisions thr ough non ethical conduct, the church condemned them and revolutions arouse. The higher the position is the necessity to follow the code of conduct or ethics increases. Hence most of the nobles, church dignitaries and Kings

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