Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Communication law, right, and justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Communication law, right, and justice - Essay Example This to Muslims was disrespect to the Quran that is regarded as a holy book and Prophet Muhammad who is a highly valued prophet in the Muslim religion. In another instance John Ruggles was caught saying, â€Å"Jesus is a bastard and His mother Mary is a wore. â€Å"John’s words were offensive the Christian religion and was severely punished. Punishment on blasphemy has been a great debate over the years. On other instances, some blasphemy law-breakers have remained unpunished and this has raised a number of questions on the legal considerations on blasphemy. Punishment on blasphemy remains a controversial issue in the modern society. This is because of the legal considerations on freedom of speech that is well outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This principle states that all human beings are entitled to equal rights and freedom. For instance, in 2005, there were 12 editorial cartoons published on newspaper which demonstrating offensive message to Muhammad and Islam one of the cartoons about the prophet, he is bent over, a star covering his asshole with a caption that reads â€Å"a star has been born†. In another cartoon, the caption reads â€Å"The film will set the Muslim world on fire†, Muhammad is shown naked lying on a bed, being filmed from behind while saying, â€Å"My ass? And you like it my ass? (Hmm.).Muslims described this as mockery which is unacceptable in their religion. Following by the consequences, these published cartoons led to religious extremists’ armed attack to Charlie Hebdo who was the publisher. The attack caused 12 people’s deaths. Charlie Hebdo is accused of propagating the culture of hate speech against other religions through posting blasphemous cartoon pictures on newspapers though no action was taken against him. This gives us a good base on the legal

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