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Food, In Itself, Is A Social Concept, A Perception Of An

Food, in itself, is a social concept, a perception of an idea that is constructed through cultural and social practice. Food is constructed through cultural practice, defined by its particular usage and representation among particular ethnic and cultural groups. Therefore, food’s significance is much more than simply satiating hunger. Take religious restrictions on pork, for example. What reason caused Islam’s belief in the pig as haram, considering it is eaten by the vast majority of the world? Simply put, why do Muslims avoid pork? This can be rationally analyzed, and is attributed to the climate and geographical limitations of foodways in the Middle East. However, as Islam spread throughout the world, the habitual action of avoiding†¦show more content†¦Taking into consideration the stigmas and stereotypes such as â€Å"a woman †¦ to evoke the idea of the kitchen† (Parasecoli, 288), food preparation and cooking has been a source of attention on h ow gender inequality, or more specifically, hegemonic masculinity, is reproduced in both the everyday home activities and in the professional realm of celebrity chefs and hosts. It must be noted that although food habits in today’s world are reflected in the development and expression of male masculinity, there is little to no attention towards how the male identity is affected by food preparation and food culture. The current state of knowledge and attention in scholarly articles remain, for the most part, on how masculine identity discourse is displayed through specific mediums such as food shows. This mock research paper attempts to address this hole using survey interviews. The research questions I ask are: â€Å"How does masculine identity influence food habits?† and â€Å"How have food habits affected participants’ body image and masculine ideals?† State of Knowledge Throughout the history of mankind, food has always been connected with male identit y, especially in a male-dominated patriarchal society where â€Å"cooking in our society remain deeply linked to gender† (Swanson, 141). What one eats and how one is seen by society in regards to food habits affect male behaviour in their development and expression of identity. The current state of knowledge brings attention towards theShow MoreRelatedCorporate Social Responsibility : Ethical Responsibility1529 Words   |  7 PagesCorporate Social Responsibility: Should we, or should we not. Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) is a theory practiced in the business sphere since fifty years. It refers to the duty of business organizations to adopt certain activities that will benefit the society in some way. Charity, health-awareness campaigns are few examples that a business undertakes to fulfil its objectives of C.S.R. According to this ideal, it is important for various corporations today to undertake such social activitiesRead MoreMultinational Companies : The New Standards, Quality Goods, And Low Prices870 Words   |  4 Pages1. Introduction 1.1 Background Going global has become an obvious choice for multinational companies. But spreading across the globe is not a secret to success or revenue generation, on itself. The opportunities in international markets have shown significant growth and potential for multinational companies. The capital, technology and skills of multinational companies invested in the local markets have created a good economic situation in the host countries. The developing countries have benefittedRead More Perception of McDonald’s Essay examples940 Words   |  4 PagesPerception of McDonald’s McDonald’s has expanded globally into 31,000 worldwide outlets and employed more than 1.5 million people in more than 119 countries (Kulkarni, Lassar, Sridhar Venkitachalam, 2009). Nevertheless, McDonald’s always faces negative perception and commonly related in serving unhealthy and junk foods amongst its customers around the world (Currie, Dellavigna, Moretti, Pathania, 2009). It is not only the negative perception of public, but McDonald’s have been attacked andRead MoreThe Computational Theory Of Mind1657 Words   |  7 Pagessophisticated chips and with billion of neurons, you ended up with one powerful computational device, which is brain. Brain is one hunk of matter that is intelligent things that allows human beings to have cognitive equipment to processes of human perception, problem solving, and decision making. The â€Å"demons† is a system that contains a memory and reflexes. These demons are triggered by information and connected to sense. The mind is a product of natural selection and in that sense, the mind is ourRead MoreMarketing Strategy For Green Marketing915 Words   |  4 Pagesaddition, social marketing has become an essential consideration in a marketing perspective, as consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment, they tend to favor green brands and the environmental practices of the firm. Therefore, creating green marketing and branding is very significant for the firm to increase its visibility in green operations, which can be done by the followings: ââ€"  Set objectives goals The firm could set its goal based on the ‘Triple bottom lines’ concept, which composedRead MoreSurrealism and Film Essay1653 Words   |  7 PagesFirst World War. Many French artists were displaced during the war, and embraced ideals that spoke to their dissatisfaction with the results of rationalism, in their eyes a cause of the war itself ( These artists called themselves â€Å"Dadaists† and believed in the concept of â€Å"Anti-art†, a rejection of previous values tied to rational or bourgeoisie ideals. Upon their return to Paris after the war these artists brought the idea of anti-art and began expressingRead MoreWhat Was Technology Before The Information Era?998 Words   |  4 Pagesand manufacturing, the idea of technology is considered to be a flexible and progressive term that portrays itself to have a variety of purposes relates to everything mankind has created. By revealing the semantic changes in the connotation of the word technology and providing a chronological sequence of related conceptions, we can acknowledge how current technology changes our perception of the term. From the first usage of the term â€Å"technology,† it has always been related to the constructing orRead MoreExamples Of Companies Marketing Activities1176 Words   |  5 Pagesexamples of companies marketing activities adapted to fit different countries/ analyse/ no individual country specific When going global, and in order to succeed in international business, understanding consumer behaviours based on their values and perception of other countries is key for implementing a proper winning marketing strategy. Cultural dimensions help managers and multinational companies respond effectively and positively to values and behaviours that shape a given nation and that might beRead MoreCustomer Service Coming Right Up : A Thematic Analysis On Factors That Influence Customer Satisfaction1533 Words   |  7 Pagestake-out, dine-in, or fast food each of these are some sort of restaurant. All paying customers have expectations when going to a restaurant. There are factors that are different from person to person but some trends may exist. Some factors in a restaurant that can affect the customer satisfaction could be the pricing, service by the employee or server, food quality, and atmosphere of the restaurant. Service quality is a complex, indescribable, subjective and intellect ual concept, which means differentRead MoreInfluences consumer behavior1461 Words   |  6 PagesSo Vinamilk made products to meet the needs of all objects, such as milk for children, adult milk, milk for mothers, milk for those who are slimming, ... 2. Perception: People have perception are always ready for action. The problem is how they will act in the fact also influenced by their perception about the situation at that time. Perception is not only dependent on the physical factors but also depends on the relationship of the factors that for ambient conditions and the individual within it.

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