Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Knowledge and asset management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Knowledge and asset management - Essay Example Finally, the report gives how the report can be of help to other companies. (Han 2003) Change is inevitable in any organization. How an organization treats its stake holders, will define its success or failure in implementing any change. An organization needs to define who a stakeholder is and influence the stakeholder has in order to handle them and to have their support in the implementation process. It is worth to note that no stakeholder should be ignored. This is a case study of Seven Seas Technology (Drucker 1974). Seven Seas Technology is an international company dealing with ICT. The company operates globally with most interest in Africa market as the market for technology is high. The company deals with technology solutions for large companies and government agencies. In the recent past, the company has won in tenders with multinationals and governments in Africa. Currently the company is in a contract with the Zambian government to install a sea cable in the country. The company was also in a multi billion contract with the Nigerian government where it was involved in networking government ministries and other government agencies. The company also secured a contract with Vodafone where it developed a system to provide computing services to its customers in the entire world. So what is the real secret behind this accomplishment story? Seven Seas were previously referred to as Dataset Technology where it had a narrow scope of business. The company only focused on East African market. The company wanted to have a wider scope to tap the adaptation of technology in the whole of Africa. The company’s top management then thought it was good to rebrand the company and increase their capital in order for the company to operate in whole of Africa. Seven seas had to identify its stakeholders and develop new ways to make sure they

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