Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Narrative situations to emulate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Narrative situations to emulate - Essay Example Thus, I usually have a very hectic time-table and rarely find time to go out for a walk. Today, everything seemed to be fine and I walked out of my apartment to enjoy an evening walk through the park. Everyone in the park appeared casual and normal - all of them engaged in something or the other. It was all customary about the park until my eyes met this young gentleman holding a mobile phone to his ears. I did never search anything odd about him, but everything to me was just that! From the moment I found something strange about his walking, I began to discern several odds about him, one after the other. He was too immersed in his telephonic conversation to have forgotten his immediate present and surroundings. He deviated from the pavement several times and ran into the other persons along for the ride, not one time but many a time. As I began watching him closely from a short distance, I noticed that his face looked very pale and he was going crazy at times. He seemed to be trying to convince someone with something or to argue over something very hot and terrible. At times he was out of words and his body talked more than his tongue. There was not a single person in that whole region who did not take a notice of that young guy who was sometimes horrible and the other times too calm.

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