Monday, September 2, 2019

Successful Professionals Essay -- Business

There are few exceptionally successful business professionals, for example, Michael Dell and Andy Grove. Michael Dell was interested in computers at the very early age of 12 when, "he issued his first product catalog. It was called, â€Å"Dell’s Stamps...", (Krames, 2003). He eventually quit college because he had a dream. He created Dell Computer Corporation with a low investment and turned it into a multi-billion dollar Corporation. His theory was to market computers directly to his consumers to keep the cost of buying a computer, affordable. His product line has been enhanced to include handheld computers, storage, servers, and other services as well for all of your business and personal needs, ( Andy Grove is another extremely successful business professional who teaches at Berkeley in his spare time. Andy, along with a couple of colleagues, changed the industry of computers by inventing a silicon-based integrated circuit. Their partnership evolved to be a multi -billion dollar corporation called Intel. It was very difficult for them in the beginning because demands kept changing. There were a lot of sacrifices made, but it increased the strength of the company in the long run. Both of these men made huge contributions not only to the computer world, but the business world as well. Michael Dell created one of the most highly acclaimed computer giants in the world, Dell Computers. By producing computers that the public wants and focusing on the consumer, Michael has sold billions of dollars in computers. He has listened to his consumers, which created a staggering amount of demand. Putting the customer first has always been one of his prioritie... ... and company as a whole. They looked for short cuts to achieve their goals and followed their convictions. They have created powerful partnerships and built a company of owners that learn from their direct sources. They have developed a philosophy that focuses on the customer while thriving on the change of the economy. Michael Dell is a fantastic salesman and Andy Grove is a terrific innovator, both of which lead to an enormous success. Combined, they make true superheroes. Works Cited Krames,J. A. (2003). Place the customer at the epicenter of the business model. In What the best CEOs know: 7 exceptional leaders and their lessons for transforming any business (pp. 55-77). Krames, J. A. (2003). Prepare the Organization for Drastic Change. In What the best CEOs know: 7 exceptional leaders and their lessons for transforming any business (pp. 131-152).

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