Tuesday, August 6, 2019

English-language films Essay Example for Free

English-language films Essay My favorite theme park is Hershey Park, with excitement your heart start racing as soon you make pass the gates wanting to see what is beyond that point. As I walked inside I saw the most spectacular rides that I have properly never seen. Just as you pass the gates you see corn popping, cutting candy being spun, and lemonade gently squeezed to perfection. Your eyes widen with excitement knowing that you finally made it to Hershey Park. just pass the gate the park covers a large area, In the distance you see rides, water parks, and much other activity just waiting for you to jump right in. excitement you run along to reach one of the ride, that you want to get on because of it Fahrenheit, along with the steepest roller coaster you have never seen before. You wait in line with hundreds of people excited and horrified to ride the steppes roller coaster under the blazing sun. Then the time comes when I moved up the line just a second of me getting in the ride, my heart started pounding as I walk inside the ride fated my seat belt waiting to be sent off. Then we were sent off the steep hill and on with the rest of the ride with twist and turns. When it was over I could feel the adrenalin run down my blood want me to go for another ride on the coaster. Then I moved to the next roller coast the storm runner but time the line way shorter it was not dreadful as the last roller coaster. I had to sit I front of many people waiting for the ride to take off, like bolt of lightning we took off as the countdown gets to zero. There are many roller coasters like the bear hanger, in this roller coaster that actually roars like a bear while its moves it has twist and turns that makes you feel like letting everything out you had for lunch. The is the kissing tower were you could spent time with your loved one, the tower goes up in the sky then turns around in the sky, and then back down. After an exciting day you had in the park it’s time to go home. Hershey was fun because I had to go on all the roller coasters, most all had their tasteful candy.

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