Thursday, August 8, 2019

Identify and assess ways in which globalisation affects the Essay

Identify and assess ways in which globalisation affects the international business environment - Essay Example As a result, businesses have to change according to change in the environment. This will ensure the businesses are making extensive improvement in serving the clients who need their products. To begin with, globalisation has led to provision of cheap labour in the business environment. In the previous decades, migrating from one place to another place was not an easy task. As such, there was minimal migration of people from one country to another. However, with developing globalisation, migration from one country to another has been made easy (Nederveen, 2009:13). As a result, people are migrating from one country to another with a variety of reasons. One of the ostensible reasons for migration is looking for employment. Many people feel that they have a greater chance, especially when comparing the remuneration when working in abroad countries. For example, there has been a recorded influx of immigrants in the United States. The ostensible reason for such immigrants is employment opportunities (French, 2008:9). This has increased the number of job seekers in the country. As such, the businesses and firms in the country have a variety of potential employees to delegate d uties. This leads to critical decision making, especially when employing workers. Many businesses rely on the immigrants, since they provide cheap labour. This is an approach by many businesses, since they save on costs (Sullivan and Kymlicka, 2007:9). This leads to enhanced profitability, as the businesses optimise the cheap labour. While this is positivity to immigrants, it elicits negative sentiments from the natives of the region. For example, many natives in a country may find it easy to get a well-paying job. This is due to the reliance on cheap labour from the immigrants, which has been instigated by globalisation (DiLuzio, 2008:7). Globalisation has led to optimisation and expansion of businesses across international borders (Bertho, Crawford and Fogarty, 2008:14).

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