Sunday, August 25, 2019

Famous Court trial Analysis, 3 to choose from Essay

Famous Court trial Analysis, 3 to choose from - Essay Example In this period of about two decades of struggle, the politics of America is believed to have divided Douglas, 1999). The nine black teenagers were arrested after a white youth stepped a black youth’s hand in a train. This young black youth was hanging on one side of the train. This resulted to a stone throwing fight between a group of black youths and white youths. Since the black were many, they succeeded forcing all the white youths off the train. Some of those who were forced out of the train reported the incident to the stationmaster. They described their statement as an assault by gung teenagers who were black. The stationmaster ordered the train to be stopped and he sent a group of armed men to arrest the gang. These armed men arrested every black teenager they could find. It is at this incident that the nine teenagers were arrested and taken to Scottsboro in a jail. They remained in jail for twelve day before their trials could start. It is during that period that two o f white girls, who were mill workers, said in response to questions by one of the posse that they were raped by twelve black youths who were armed with knives. One of the girls identified six of them out of the nine black teenagers. ... However, they later claimed that they said so since they were threatened. In this trial, they announced guilty verdicts and in the second trial, it was underway. The nine boys were also accused of having knives and guns. However, no evidence was presented during the trials. Eight out of nine boys were already sentenced to death by the end of the fourth trial. Fortunately, the boys served for a long time in prison instead. During this period, NAACP and the international labor defense intervened and represented the nine black teenagers in the appeal. Some money was also raised by the two organizations to defend the nine boys. In the process, a letter was found, which was written by Bite, the girl who presented the rape case, to her boyfriend. The letter entailed a statement that the girl was not raped, and therefore, her testimony in the court was false. The results of the case at trial and on appeal When the case reached the Supreme Court, the case handed over to the lower court after finding the black’s exclusion on jury. In this court, the electrocution tried all the defendants, and eight of them were sentenced to death. One of the nine black teenagers wrote a book, vividly describing all the events and his experience in the trial. The legal issues involved in the case and historical significance of the case in the American legal system This case has contributed to a great extent to the amendment of the civil rights in American history. It also has a great importance in the constitutional law evolution. This case led to initiatives of implementation of equal protection of the citizens under the law. Since then it was agreed that no ethnic group

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