Monday, August 26, 2019

Western civilization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Western civilization - Essay Example The second industrial revolution was characterized with mass production systems to achieve economies of scale to increase profits. While in the first revolution, the people were self employed and worked manually and it was only a little later that mechanization started to be employed. In the first industrial revolution, much of the development depended on the willingness of capitalists to risk financial loss, however in the second revolution, the development was promoted by the government and hence the development depended on several factors including the availability of natural resources, capital, government support, an active middle class, entrepreneurial spirit. Another striking difference is that in the first industrial revolution, the production was dependent on the cottage industries and was more agrarian in nature. In, the second revolution the products were customer oriented and the nature of products was more industrial. Also marketing, innovative business practices and globalization were essential features of this age of expansion. The late nineteenth century saw tremendous growth in professionalism of products. With the economical growth several innovative products and ideas came into existence. The demographic population increased and with it, the need for more resources. The social dispersion was captured in the music of that time which changed to â€Å"reflect the disorientation of traditional standards and values, the contrasts between an extreme collectivism and an equally extreme individualism†. The art captured the emotional isolation of the individual and questioned the values of a modern consumer-oriented society created by the industrialists to reap economies of scale. The people at that time felt fearful and disorientated because of shifts in demographical factors such as emigration and globalization. Economic competition and

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