Tuesday, August 13, 2019

My Investment Choices Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

My Investment Choices - Assignment Example Initial dollar estimates are encouraged; typically at this stage, however, they are not yet completely validated. On the basis of the strategic goals, it is necessary to consider three broad categories of potential integration (in the three central columns), and eventually, they place each major issue into one of these three categories, to reflect the level of integration required for obtaining optimized results (Camp, 2002). 2. It is possible to minimize "full integration" but accepts minimal integration. Selected corporate and staff functions will be merged and consolidated, primarily to achieve staffing synergies and cost-efficiencies. All strategic and day-to-day operating decisions will remain autonomous and decentralized, with agreed-upon requirements for reporting to the parent company (Reed-Lajoux and Elson 2000). Also, it is possible to minimize the integration of culture and organizational structure. Few initiatives or responses change the configurations or the environment of a company more visibly and dramatically than an acquisition does. 3. The main emotional and personal reasons to start a business is to obtain a high social position in society and respect. Many people start a venture in order to communicate with new people and self-actualize.

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