Thursday, October 17, 2019

Cause and Effect essay (Only on CAUSE) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cause and Effect (Only on CAUSE) - Essay Example The impact of the rise in fees is seen in the increase in the number of students requesting financial aid or seeking student loans. The hike has begun to put college education nearly out of the reach of a vast majority of middle-class Americans. This means that a lot of the students have to make do with only a high school education, which reduces their job market considerably. A lot of teenagers, especially colored males, find themselves unemployed because of lack of proper qualifications. A large segment of graduates who do find jobs are overwhelmed by the debts incurred as cost of education, and to avoid this situation they try to seek jobs during their education. Since unemployment rates take into account the number of people actively seeking jobs, these students get bracketed as unemployed and not merely as students, raising the count of the unemployed. For those who pass out of the American educational system with a high academic degree, the news is not very good either, and this brings us to our second reason behind the rising rates of unemployment in the United States. Technology has made the world increasingly globalised: the internet has dramatically shrunk distances. Boston and Bangalore are now neighbors, and the level of competition for jobs and businesses is higher than ever before. Places like Bangalore in India, for instance, have a large number of English speaking populace, and the professions of being a doctor and engineer are eagerly sought after. The time in India is exactly the complement of that in the United States; night time in America is day time in India. This means that American businesses can send work down to India at the end of the day, and have it done by morning. This ideal combination of the right education and the time difference has turned India into a prime destination for assignments in the medical and engineering field, making the employment of

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