Friday, October 18, 2019

Policy Brief Project Descriptioin ( prison and privatization) Research Paper

Policy Brief Project Descriptioin ( prison and privatization) - Research Paper Example er prison privatization are analyzed by covering sub topics on economic perspectives, which include arguments in favor and against the policy through cost factor discussion, theoretical considerations on the policy, and how prison prisons are managed. The changed policy trend includes a case brief of Florida. The process of policy making is elaborately evaluated. Analysis includes the procurement process. Role of politics is analyzed. Role of social stakeholder groups on changing values and participation of various stakeholders on the policy highlights the mood of the public and haste of the government in allowing privatization. Conclusion is derived on taking a restraint approach. The trend of prison privatization started in mid-1980s in the United States. Taking the lead from thereon, the prison privatization not only grew quite fast in the federal, state and county correctional facilities, but also captured market for other fields of the prison industry like providing financial services for the building of new prisons and the maintenance of the existing prisons. Additionally, a number of such private companies have become public limited concerns by indulging in stock trading as well. The business of prison privatization has seen relatively more growth than other services businesses. Generally, privatization of prisons is rooted in â€Å"public choice† reasoning of the socio-political environment, created from the antigovernment mood during the Reagan era. It led to policy change in the initial stages of policy formulation, and in the operations of prisons. The issue of prison privatization has aired the notion that incarceration has become a tool in the hands of politicians for formulating policies on essential minimum imprisoning for the growth of prison privatization industry (Price a& Riccucci, 2005). Analysis of the data of the 50 states indicates the role of political elements like the political environment of a state and the political party governing

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