Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Geography Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Geography - Research Paper Example The flat lands are in the western part of the country and a coastline on the northern western and southern parts. France is mostly affected by oceanic influences and is situated in the south part of the temperate zone (Steves & Smith, 2008). At the west of France maritime climatic conditions are witnessed. Rainfalls are always brought by westerly winds from Atlantic. Brest experiences a lot of cool summers and a lot of rains. There are hotter and rigorous winters in the interior parts of France. Every July Paris witnesses temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius and January is as cool as 2 degrees Celsius. Attitudes in France influence the climate mostly when the winters are cold or sometimes prolonged. During the winter there is a lot of snow in the affected areas. Villages in the high valleys experiences more than 50 days of snow every year. Agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to France economy as it contributes to 3 % of the GDP. France farms exports more agricultural food produce than the entire Europe Union nation. It is the only country that has enough food to their citizens (Thomson & Chandler, 2005). France is among the leading producers in wheat, sugar, wine and beef. Sixty one percent of the total productive agricultural area is under cultivation, pasture accounts for 35 % and 4 % contains the vineyard (Thomson & Chandler, 2005). Most productive farms in France are in Northern part with vegetable farms of Brittany and the great commercial vineyards of the Languedoc, Burgundy among others. France is the fourth leading industrial power and accounts for 26 % of GDP and approximately 25 % of the labor force (Audiganne, 2010). Manufacturing sector accounts for 16 % construction accounted for approximately 4 % and energy for 3 % GDP in 2001. Manufacturing sector contribute three quarters of total exports of goods and services. The government controlled industries such as aeronautics,

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