Sunday, October 6, 2019

Consequences of Migration in the UK Labor Market Term Paper

Consequences of Migration in the UK Labor Market - Term Paper Example It has been determined that people have the tendency of shifting in other places, where growth or economic development can be seen. Due to a lack of work opportunity or unemployment people have over the years preferred to move in developed cities or places for working opportunity. In this regard, it has been also observed that in developed countries such as the United Kingdom (UK) and the United State of America (USA) the effect of migration can be viewed highly in labor market. It can be evidently asserted that in the modern era, it will be very difficult to identify such examples, where people rather preferred to be born, live and die under the same roof significantly.In this concerned discussion, the main aim is to highlight how migration has led to changes in the labor market of the United Kingdom. In addition, the study with a focus on reviewing pertinent literature will also emphasize how migration can affect human resource management (HRM) in an international setting.         In accordance with Bauer & Zimmermann (1999), unemployed workers’ from central and Eastern Europe (within the EU) have moved towards the UK for job opportunities. According to a report, it has been observed that the wages of the UK labor market have been higher than that of central Europe and EU labor market indeed (Bauer & Zimmermann, 1999). Over the years, it has been observed that the pressure of migration has increased significantly. At the same time, it has been also determined that the migration has not only happened in central Europe and EU but also it has been seen in different territories such as America, Africa, and Asian countries. The impact of high-level immigrants has been also seen in the political environment and economy of the United Kingdom. Due to the high amount of immigrants the UK market has been affected in a number of ways. Consequently, the labor market has become more congested and as an effect, the wages of labors have been reduced specifically. Sim ultaneously, the availability of migrant labors has led towards unemployment issues in the United Kingdom.

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