Saturday, October 19, 2019

Racism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Racism - Essay Example The concept of ‘other’ creates the boundaries between people. Racism is prevalent everywhere one goes. Asians go to the European countries and do menial jobs for minimum wages. It is hard for them to score jobs they dream of doing. Even the economic analysts consider the Asian community as the labor community; washing dishes, working at gas stations or flipping burgers. The situation is not only prevalent in European countries, Silicon Valley United States is considered a dream place to get a job. However such a statement is highly overrated because the situation on ground is based on segregation. Hence it is true that racism is not only physical but it is a mental state. And in Silicon Valley it is termed as environmental racism. The immigrants are the ‘others’. The definition of other is that there is always ‘us’ and there is ‘other’ which is different from ‘us’. The other looks, different, talks, walks and eats different. These differences create imaginary walls between the two (i-e us and them). On the same psychological basis people divide other people in nations, ethnicities and races. This segregation goes on to include religions, cultures and any other classifications. There are two aspects of racism. One is when a white person feels superior because of the skin color. The other is when a black person feels inferior because of his color. The standards of beauty are defined by the modern media (especially Hollywood productions) that project white beauty and white lifestyle as the symbol of success and prosperity. Screenwriters, storytellers, movie directors and producers are biased in portraying a story or a life event. Hollywood movies do not explicitly show racist culture in their movies. But the majority of the movies in Hollywood show white lead role. The black guy is in his accomplice. The black guy is usually

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